This is a blog devoted the pursuit of a fun and funky lifestyle. I’m on the verge of moving into the heart of downtown in my city, to an apartment my husband and I are building in the basement of the sign shop we own and run, and this is going to be start of a whole new way of life for me. We live in the Midwest and have nearly always lived way out in the country, so this will be a BIG change. Something I’m really very ready for.

Read about the project here:

Basement Project Into – Part One


As I said, we own and run a sign shop. My Hubby works there full time and manages pretty much everything including our two employees. I work part time, doing books and other administrative type stuff. I also hold a second job as an Administrative Assistant in transportation planning (more interesting than it sounds).

We have two teenagers: One son who’s 18 and in the process of joining the Army. This has been a LONG, drawn out, crazy process and we’re very glad to be getting to the end of it. Fingers crossed, please. The other is our daughter, who is 17 and a junior in high school. She currently has aspirations to go to college down in Florida where her grandparents live (My dad, Hubby’s mom), so within a couple years, we may very well be empty nesters. Another HUGE change in lifestyle.

We have two cats, brothers who we rescued from one of our outbuildings and tamed from feral.  They are now about the sweetest things you could imagine. Cheeto (orange) is curious, busy and active, while Smudge (white and tabby) is more laid back fluffy. We also have the world’s largest yellow lab, Lucky, who is an old, old man, and really just wants to have his butt scratched.

Currently, we live in a drafty old farmhouse, which I have loved dearly for twelve years, but which I’m now ready to move on from.

We have a piece of property further out the in the country, which is Hubby’s salvation and will be his refuge when the city gets to be too much.

We also have a family cabin we spent a lot of time at in the summers. It’s the summer residence of my dad and Hubby’s mom (yes, we are step siblings), and my sister can often be found there with her family, as well as our cool and fun cousin who lives nearby in a shanty town of tents she’s cobbled together.

These are the things you’ll see me writing about, in addition to decorating, cooking, and city adventuring.


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