Here’s a recap of what we’ve been doing

2 May

Well, to start with, we got a front door.

We turned this:

basement door
Into this:

It’s one of the first forward moving projects that we did. It actually would have been a lot nicer to have done this project near the end, and had the garage door when we were hauling most of the materials in there, but we didn’t really have a choice. The floor and the shaft wall and the sheet rock on the ceiling all had to be built in a certain order for fire rating purposes, and the way they fit together, the front wall needed to be first.

I was given the task of stapling horrifying amounts of insulation into the ceiling.

It was itchy and miserable, and made especially gross by a constant rain of soot from the many slightly charred timbers from a fire long ago. (I would like it noted that I got this job because I was pretty much the only one willing to do it.)

We got a bathroom!!

See my amazingly fabulous tub!? My daughter and I have already been enjoying it a great deal. We were able to get the plumbing done in February, so we had to build the floor portion for it ahead of time. It was kind of cool, we had a bathroom on a stage for awhile. The plumbing itself was kind of a crazy deal. They did a few kind of weird things. They also plumbed the sink upstairs with hot water and hot water, and they unplugged our freezer to run some Pex and forgot to plug it back in. Sadly, we did not discover this until several days later.

We built the garage floor up level with the rest of the apartment:

You see those boards leaning up against the wall in the first pic? They are THAWING OUT. We did the floor in March when it was still bitch-ass cold out, and all the lumber at the store was soaked and frozen. They were so slippery that the entire load of wood slid out of the back of the truck in the middle of an intersection. THAT was really fun.

Of course, the thing that’s taken up most of our time BY FAR is sheet rock. On the ceiling. We had to cover the ceiling, the center beam and all the posts with TWO LAYERS of 5/8″ sheet rock. Doing the job ONCE would have been bad enough. Doing it TWICE has been a special kind of hell. (We’ve been doing the layers in tandem as we go along because there was NO WAY we could face the prospect of sheet rocking the whole length of the ceiling and then going back and starting all over.)

I have also had the distinct honor of doing ALL the mudding and taping for this project. (I’d like you to know there’s A LOT OF IT.) We still have the center section of the beam, four of the columns, the bathroom ceiling and the ceiling over the laundry area as far as overhead sheet rocking goes. And bedroom and bathroom walls.

The sheet rock has been just horrible and we’re very lucky to have a lot of really nice friends. More than one Saturday saw two or three extra guys in there helping to hoist sheet rock in the air and screw it to the ceiling. And one guy Hubby works with has gone to Menards with him on the way home on several occasions to pick up sheet rock and unload it in the apartment. We are so incredibly thankful for all their help.

The most recent big deal is that we’ve had the electricians in working on the actual installation, and this go around with them has been much nicer. They show up several days in a row and every time we go in there, we can see new things they’ve done. This is very exciting not only from a progress standpoint, but also due to the fact that we’ve been operating off two outlets, a string of shop lights, and a million miles of extension cords since sometime last fall.

Quite frankly, you didn’t miss a hell of a lot in the time I wasn’t blogging, and what you did was either horrible or boring. You’re welcome.

Now that we’re getting into the fun and exciting parts of the project, I’m inspired to start posting again.


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