Wanna See My Progress Now?

30 Apr

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Our apartment plan took a massive detour and hit a few hiccups along the way.  In my *coughcough* previous post, I mentioned financing.

We didn’t get it.

Which began year one of the massive delay. Instead of spending our summer building our apartment and moving into town, and then fixing up our house to sell….we had to do it the other way around. Without the business loan, we would have to rely on money from the sale of our house to build the apartment.

That’s when I abandoned the blog temporarily. This is supposed to be about my funky new urban life, not the rehab of a lovable country shithole we knew we could probably only sell on contact for deed. It was too depressing. I was angry to be putting in so many long hours and such hard work that wasn’t going toward my apartment – it was all basically for someone else. (Who took a party in there before even moving in and repainted every last square inch of our wonderful, cool home.)

They also remodeled the kitchen right away. He demanded to know: “I’d like to know why you put the refrigerator against that wall instead of here where it makes much more sense.”  His tone was exactly that of a parent: “I’d like you both to explain why there are snakes in the toilet.”


We closed that November and moved into a makeshift apartment in the back rooms of our shop. Just in time for Hubby to get a new job!  So, now we had the urban lifestyle, at least, but it was anything but funky.  It was Hubby going to the new job way early in the morning and then coming back to the shop and working well into the evening, while I worked in the shop in the morning, my other job in the afternoon, and back in the shop alongside Hubby all evening. Then we’d both crash into bed. No time or energy for building an apartment.

(This is not to say that we didn’t enjoy some of the perks of living downtown. We definitely have, and it’s going to be twice as fun when our stress level is cut in half. Personally, I relished walking to work all winter. All summer, too, but driving in the snow is one of my personal bug-a-boos.)

The next spring we got back into that project, but progress was very very slow. Infuriatingly slow. We had the horrible work of shoring up floor joists, and other awful, unsatisfying things. Plus the electricians would show up one day, and then not come back for three weeks. And most of the work couldn’t be started until they finished their initial phase of separating the electrical for the apartment from the rest of the building.

I also began a new job search because we decided to either sell or close the shop. Hubby’s really enjoying his new job, and we both would love the simplicity of ONE job, someone else’s butt on the line. I finally landed one and started in October.

November rolled around AGAIN, and our deadbeat tenant finally left us (we rent the business space above the apartment). He also left us a huge mess. We were fortunate to find new tenants right away, but it took a full month to get the place cleaned up, painted and other things fixed the way they wanted them. Again, I was miserable doing work for someone else when we’d barely gotten anywhere with OUR project.

December finally dawned, we got everyone else in the family moved or married off and our time was finally ours!!

Since then, we’ve been going like gangbusters and have made MASSIVE progress! We set a goal of being in by June, and we think we stand a really good chance of making it. More like IN June, rather than BY June, and “being in” constitutes just that – a certificate of occupancy and permission to move in. It won’t be anywhere near finished, but it’s all the fun stuff. There’s just a couple of projects we’ll be smart enough to do before we move in (like carpet the bedroom), but the rest of it will be done in residence like perfect morons. Happy morons, though!  I mean, we’ve been living without a real kitchen for a year and a half, you think we’re not moving in the first chance we get?

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll recap some of the highlights of construction so far.

2 Responses to “Wanna See My Progress Now?”

  1. owlishwench April 30, 2015 at 8:21 pm #

    Yayayay! I forgot about some of that stuff you went through. I should buy you more beer. Poor girlie. We’re gonna whoop it up ALL summer!

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