Progress – See My Lack of it

23 Apr

Just when it seemed we were poised to really get going….we stalled out almost completely.


And it’s driving me crazy! I expected to be so much further along by now. We finally got our building permit, nearly a month ago, and WOW was that an eye opener. I was expecting a pretty healthy tab because there’s a $940 fee just for adding usage volume to the sewer system (won’t we be paying for that on our BILL?), but the acutal permit was higher than I’d anticipated, and there was a staggering “plan review” fee, which is pretty ridiculous given the simplicity of our plans. Apparently, however, we really stumped them because they had to call down to the state to find out what to do with us, and made a few confused calls to our architect. Turns out we are truely the very first people in this town to want to put an apartment in a basement downtown. (And somehow that is drastically different than putting one on the second or third floor, since we’re surrounded by downtown apartments.)


We had the general building inspector out to give us the preliminary details…and they weren’t good.  First of all, we have to shore up a bunch of joists in the ceiling – not a HUGE project, but fiddly and time consuming nonetheless. Second of all, we have to put up TWO layers of sheetrock on the ceiling. Third (and my most hated), we have to sheetrock the nice beam that runs the length of the basement, and the three rustic posts in the center of the living area. (*pouts*)  Finally, we have to install a “shaft wall system” on the wall that is shared by the stairwell leading upstairs. This will be a bit pricey, but substantially better than the double layer of sheetrock on both sides (which would have required ripping out the stairs and putting them back in), and he was planning to just keep on going with that double sheetrock – he kept getting further up the stairs, and then onto the landing….it wasn’t pretty. The shaft wall solves all that.

In the meantime, we had hoped we’d finally get the bank financing lined up, so we’d be ready to go….but it’s been a month, and other than one call promising she’d get back to us the very next day (two weeks ago), we haven’t heard from our banker and she’s not returning phone calls.

OH, and the truck developed some issues that are preventing us from picking up materials – although we do have a friend who can loan us his, so that’s not a huge deal. But we lost a weekend to fixing the brakes, and now may have a wheel bearing problem.

This isn’t ALL bad. During the past month, we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our son anyway. He finally, after a lot of hassle and hoops, got accepted into the Army and was headed to basic training on April 15th.


We got to spend a lot of great time with him, and really appreciated the chance. We also got to text with him while he traveled down and went through reception, so we know that so far he really likes it there and says he’s having fun. That meant the world to me, because I won’t worry about him too much now.

Hopefully, the snow will quit falling, the bank will call with good news, the electrician and the drywall guy will both call with affordable quotes, and this project will get humming along again.  (Keep your fingers crossed for that affordable drywall – we really don’t want to sheetrock that ceiling ourselves, but we’ll have to if the quote is outrageous.)


One Response to “Progress – See My Lack of it”

  1. Kungfunurse April 23, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    Gah. They’re really making you work for your downtown apartment!

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