Slaying Monsters

23 Mar

I’ve been slaying monsters recently. 


Slaying monsters is a term I came up with to describe the act of dealing with those tasks I’ve been putting off that have grown into looming clouds of dread. Some of these things are actually difficult, but often times, they’re just kind of unpleasant, or they involve making a phone call I don’t want to, or some other ickiness.  Usually, they really aren’t so bad once I dive in and do them, but I put them off until they become epic and I feel down and crappy every time I think of them. This time it’s been getting tax stuff ready for the accountant, finalizing some reservations for my other job that involved walking in the cold, and that I was afraid we might have lost (we didn’t), and getting certain bills paid.

Slaying monsters is a very liberating and uplifting experience. After feeling depressed and hemmed in for weeks, I finally get a head of steam and motivation up and get a bunch of things done, and then suddenly, I just feel light and free. It’s such a weight off.

I hate March anyway, and I usually end up in this situation about this time every year. It’s crappy and depressing outside, and it seems like a lot of the harder, more frustrating things in life tend to happen now. (Yes, taxes, I’m looking at you).

Fortunately, as I get older, it’s easier to remember how that works and I’m usually able to pull myself out of a slump and slay the monsters a lot sooner and easier than I used to.

Divider Graphics

Ironically, I have also been breeding monsters for the past few days.  I discovered a great free game app, called Monster Story, and I’m just HOOKED. You have an island and you buy a couple eggs to raise your first monsters, grow them up, and then you can start breeding new ones. (Once you buy a “breeding garden”, of course).  I have four monsters I’m raising right now (none are fully grown yet), and I’m waiting for one egg to hatch. It’s got nine hours and forty-six minutes left. I know it’s silly, but I can play it on my phone while I’m waiting in lines or whatever, and it’s fun, and the monsters are SO CUTE!!  Pictures don’t really do them justice, because they play around in their habitats and some of them do pretty funny things…but LOOK!

Monster Story


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