Basement Project: Kitchen Layout

12 Mar

Recently, we spent a little time in the basement brainstorming layouts for the kitchen. A long time ago, I got a very clear, very wonderful mental image of what it should look like, and I’ve been stuck on that ever since.  In the meantime, however, we’ve changed a couple of other things and I thought it was important to really think it through. I’m glad we did, because what we’ve come up with is a bit different than my original concept and I think it will be much better than what I originally had in mind.

The first idea was like this:

Kitchen B

Technically, this is a revised version of the first concept. Originally, we were going to move the door to the pantry around the corner, so it would be IN the kitchen, but we’ve decided to leave it for now. It’ll be less work in the beginning, and it would certainly offer more flexibility in the kitchen layout if we had that wall to use.  In the very first version, both the sink and the stove would be along the back wall, but in the idea pictured above, the stove would be at the end of the “U”. I’ve always envisioned this enclosed wrap-around style of counters, etc, that would be like some kind of command center to work from while I chatted with the family or watched whatever was on TV in the living area.

Interestingly, when we finally mocked this up (after we had already tried out the version below), I realized that it felt kind of cramped and claustrophobic. I also felt that it looked kind of…amateur in a way.  I’m not sure why.

What we’ve settled on is a more open concept with an island:

Kitchen A


I like the airy feel of this and the freedom to approach it from both sides, and move around more freely. It has more of a sophisticated feel to it, I think.  We’ll build a half wall to back the stove and that will extend a bit above the counters to kind of finish that off.

Note:  We’ve since found out that we will be required to have a stove hood, and I’m not entirely sure I want one hanging down in the middle of the room, so we may very likely put the stove against the back wall along the same line as the sink, and let that peninsula just be counter.

I haven’t really decided about any kind of upper cabinets. We’re going to paint my old china hutch and use that for the dishes and some appliances, and there will be some drawers and things in the lower portion of the island and counters, so I originally felt there’d be enough storage. Plus, I want to do a pot rack of some kind on that back wall. Recently, though, I realized there’s not really going to be any place for the kind of food items, oils and spices that you’d want to have on hand in the kitchen.

Most of the food will live in the pantry, but up until recently, that was going to be integrated into the kitchen a little more than it is now.  So, I guess we’ll have to see on that one. I think we’ll kind of wait and see what we really end up needing there and filling in as necessary.


2 Responses to “Basement Project: Kitchen Layout”

  1. Kungfunurse March 12, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    Oooh, I like the open concept style, too. Will be easier, I think, when more than one person is in the kitchen, too. Looks like its starting to come together!

    • Champagne Revival March 12, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

      Thanks! I certainly hope it is. We’ve completely stumped the city planners with our building permit application.

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