Basement Project Intro – Part Three

5 Mar

Once we got the basement all cleaned out, we talked with our architect, who assured us that we could start in on much of the demo work before we got the building permit. I certainly hope he was right about that, because we dove right in. After so many months of what felt like spinning our wheels, we wanted to do something that felt more like progress than prep work.

There were a number of shelving units and other storage kinds of things we were able to dismantle, and quite a lot of nails, hooks, old phone wire and random boards to pull off the ceiling after we took down a couple of drop ceilings. My favorite day, however, was the one where I went in there with a screwdriver (power), a hammer, and a pry bar and single-handedly caused an entire wall to cease to exist.

Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall 3

Wall 4

Yes, it was a small wall, but I dismantled the whole thing myself and it was exceedingly satisfying.

The next day, the guys got into the tear down work, too, and Hubby, my son and I took down a couple more walls. These were a lot of fun because they’d already been taped and mudded (mine hadn’t) so we weren’t able to salvage the sheetrock and got to bust our way through it instead. We did salvage all the lumber, and may possibly have enough that we won’t need to buy much of any to do the building with.

Wall 5

Wall 6

Wall 7

These were the only walls that had to come down, and constituted the bulk of the demolition work we needed to do. There are still a couple of doors that need to be moved/added, but I’m not sure if that’s demolition or construction really.

Some of the grout in the stone walls has oxidized or deteriorated, and we had to scrub down the back wall to get it cleaned up so we can do some re-grouting and seal it. We still have a little of that work to do along the base of one wall, and in the garage. (Which will be our bedroom someday).

Wall Scrubbing

Another MAJOR project will be to somehow clean the massive amount of dust out of there, some from years and years of being a basement, and some from demo work. At this point, I’m not even entirely sure how to go about that. I mean, you put a mop to that floor right now, and it’s going to turn into MUD.

If you’d like to read the whole project from the beginning, start with Basement Project Intro – Part One.


One Response to “Basement Project Intro – Part Three”

  1. kungfunurse March 5, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    You’re a wall-demolishing super-woman! As for getting all the dust out – how about a leaf blower?

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