Spring Bucket List

1 Mar

Bucket List

I’ll grant you this is a really short bucket list, but I expect (hope) this spring will be pretty busy with the basement project. I want to keep this attitude alive though, and try to take some time to have a few little luxuries and possibly learn something.

  • Try this recipe for Baked Lemon-Caper Fish on Greens that I saw on Home Sweet Sarah a while back. I’ve had something similar before, and I adore kale. Plus the ease of it might make for some healthier dinners in the midst of all this chaos during the construction phase of the project.
  • In the healthier dinner vein, I’d like to find and try at least two new crock pot meals. Preferably ones that will leave enough leftovers for some healthier lunches too. We’ve been making far too much use of the take-out menus at the shop, and it’s showing on the scale and in how I feel.
  • Paint my nails like a real girl, even if they’re just gonna get chewed to hell working on the basement anyway.
  • Find this move: What a Way to Go (1964) that Mandi just reviewed on Making Nice in the Midwest. This thing is totally up my alley, and I just about swooned when I saw the screen caps. (The movie is so visually stunning, I don’t even care if there’s a plot.) Not only does it star Shirley MacLaine, which is really all I needed, but also Paul Newman, Dick Van Dyke, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, and Robert Cummings. Dean Martin, people….
Shirley MacLaine

Photo from Righteous Film

  • Give elderflower cocktails a try – particularly the champagne ones. Glitter Guide has a delicious sounding one here: Pop, Clink, Fizz. Plus I’ve pinned quite a few others. This bucket item might be a little tricky since the only elderflower anything I’ve seen so far is St. Germain, and that’s pretty damn pricey. (“No, seriously, honey, I NEEED this for my blogging…”).
  • Get in at least one visit to the cabin, and sip a beer on the dock in the evening.


  • Finish watching the entire run of Desperate Housewives on Netflix

All told, I think it’s a respectable list, and I’m pleased with it. It’s got a bit of practicality that will fit in with the project work and enough luxury to help keep me sane. (And I get bonus points if I drink elderflower-champagne cocktails while watching What a Way to Go.)


2 Responses to “Spring Bucket List”

  1. kungfunurse March 1, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    I’d be willing to sample that Lasagna with you…

    • Champagne Revival March 1, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

      I’ll put it on the list for the next fangirl weekend then!!

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