Basement Project Intro – Part Two

26 Feb

(If you want to start at the beginning, see Intro Post One)

Getting the clearance from the city to DO the basement project was the easy part. Unearthing the place from the many, many metric tons of CRAP that were crammed in there was a whole ‘nother  ballgame.

The Mess

See, we bought this business from the couple who had it before, after we’d already worked there for several years. Nearly twenty in my hubby’s case. They were nice enough people, but the guy was seriously weird in many areas, and he was pretty clearly obsessive/compulsive, especially when it came to keeping records of things. This also led to a certain amount of hoarding behavior. This guy loved to go to auctions and other kinds of sales, and bring home all kinds of stuff he thought would be useful for the business. A lot of it really wasn’t.  On top of that, he never EVER threw away any files or records of any of the businesses he ran and owned. We cleared out boxes and boxes of old invoices and purchase orders from the 70’s. (We’re still topping off our regular recycling bin every Friday night, working our way through this stuff.)

We also hauled out four full truck loads of steel shelving and other metal display units and took them to the scrap recyclers. That’s a minimum of 500 lbs a load. We took home SEVEN loads of wood to burn in our fire pit. (Which isn’t counting the massive amount of wood we saved or salvaged while taking apart shelving and storage units. We’ll use that to build some walls.) We got our recycling guy to come around back and pick up a mountain of cardboard no less than six times. (Seriously? Every time we turned around, we found another stash of empty cardboard boxes.) Here are some before and afters so you can really grasp what I’m talking about:

Back Room 2

Hallway  Back Room 3

Aside from all the stuff we could burn or recycle, there were massive amounts of old electronics components, hardware, lighting fixtures, and SO MANY PHONES. (They used to be a retailer for Northern Bell). Fortunately, we have a basement in the other building we own, and while it, too, is choked with their crap, we managed to find or create tons more room, so we won’t have to deal with any of this stuff until after we move in. Then we can slowly but surely dispose of it on Craigslist and Ebay.

Very little of what we found in there was ordinary, but there were a few items that took the cake.

Basement Finds

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we found it. Witness….THE HOLY GRAIL. It’s been in our basement all along. So, apparently, has the somewhat less famous Holy Used Rubber Sheet. And that is exactly what is in that envelope, people. Finally…a box of beaters. WTF? The guy did electronics, printing and sign making – where exactly does a gross of beaters fit in? The world will never know. (Also – I did not photograph the box of his porn mags we found. You’re welcome.)

Finally, there was a great deal of heavy equipment wedged in there from his printing days. Actually, there really wasn’t anything in that basement that wasn’t heavy as hell, but these were also HUGE.

Big Machine

Ultimately, after about four months and a LOT of beer, we finally got the basement liberated from all the junk. We got some help from our friends during critical phases, but the bulk of it we did in segments on weeknights, and many very long weekends. Can I just say that I’m deeply glad that’s over, and I don’t care how hairy any of the construction gets…this was still, by far, the worst part of the project.


2 Responses to “Basement Project Intro – Part Two”

  1. Patt March 23, 2015 at 11:55 am #

    I’m so impressed. You both are go-getters. Something I’m not familiar with at all. LOL Keep up the good work. It looks great.


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